Copyright Claims

EasyTube is dedicated to upholding the rights of content creators and copyright holders. As an online platform, we recognize the importance of respecting intellectual property and complying with copyright laws. This article serves as a guide for right holders who wish to request the removal of copyrighted content from EasyTube. By following the steps outlined below, right holders can help us maintain a responsible and legal environment for content sharing.

Submitting a Content Removal Request:

If you are a right holder and believe that your copyrighted content is available on EasyTube without proper authorization, you can submit a content removal request. To initiate this process, follow the steps below:
1 Compose an Email:
2 Send an email to Use the subject line "Content Removal Request" to ensure that your email receives proper attention.
3 Provide Detailed Information:
4 In your email, include the following information to help us process your request efficiently:
a. Your Full Name: Provide your complete legal name and any relevant contact information.
b. Proof of Ownership: Clearly state your ownership of the copyrighted content in question. Include details such as the title, description, and URL(s) of the infringing material.
c. Copyright Documentation: Attach or provide links to any supporting documentation that verifies your ownership rights, such as copyright registration certificates, licenses, or any other relevant legal documents.
d. Contact Information: Include your email address, phone number, and any additional contact information to facilitate communication regarding your request.
e. Statement of Good Faith: Include a statement certifying that the information provided in your request is accurate and that you are acting in good faith.
5 Review and Response:
6 Once your content removal request is received, EasyTube will review the provided information and assess the validity of the claim. We will make every effort to process your request promptly and communicate with you regarding the status of your claim. Please note that submitting a content removal request does not guarantee immediate removal of the infringing content. EasyTube will evaluate the claim and take appropriate action in accordance with our policies and legal obligations.

EasyTube is committed to protecting the rights of content creators and copyright holders. By providing a clear and accessible process for right holders to request the removal of infringing content, we strive to maintain a responsible and compliant platform for content sharing. We encourage right holders to use the email address to initiate the content removal process and help us in our efforts to uphold intellectual property rights on EasyTube.